workshop 101

Workshop #101

Dates TBD - NYC
please email lindsey@crazypretty.com if interested in a future hands on class

This 5 day workshop is an intense week but the goal is to give students the skill set to take on more job opportunities with confidence. Attendees will watch demos and spend hands-on time working through multiple exercises on a mannequin head. There will be Q+A’s each day to make sure you’re getting what you need from the workshop. I try to focus on the individuals attending and their specific needs so you feel you are walking away with everything you came for! I realize the time commitment and cost is great but know that you won’t regret the investment into your life long career.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1

+Setting and Working Towards Career Goals
+Artist Etiquette on Set and w/ Fellow Artists
+Cultivating a Critical Eye on Your Own Work
+Assisting Artists, How-To and Why it is Crucial
+The Importance of Smart Networking
+Navigating + Benefitting from Social Media
+Brands & PR Companies
+Working Fashion Week
+Portfolio Discussion
+Agency Representation
+Industry + Work Struggles
+Q&A on the Day's Topics

Day 2

+The Theories of Hair
+Hair & Scalp Analysis
+The Tools - Brushes, Combs, Clips
+Blow Dryers, Diffusers, Nozzles & Hoods
+Sanitation & Disinfection
+Technicalities of Sectioning
+How to Create Volume, Texture + Movement
+Sectioning, Elevation and Placement
+Hair Products and Deciding What to Use and When
+DEMO Basic Blow Dry
+HANDS ON Create Demo Blow Dry
+Q&A on the Day's Topics

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.08.46 PM.png

Day 3

+HANDS ON Blow Dry for Hot Tool Style
+Hot Tools - Marcel, Flat Irons & More
+Sectioning, Elevation and Placement
+DEMO Hot Tool Techniques
+HANDS ON Recreate Techniques
+Wash Mannequin Heads
+HANDS ON Blow Dry
+HANDS ON Create Textured Style of Choice with Hot Tool
+Q&A on the Day's Topics


Day 4

+Updo Aids - Bobbi Pins, Hair Pins, Chignon Pins, Elastics, & More
+Creating Structure for Updo Styles
+Sectioning, Cushioning + Teasing
+DEMO Techniques
+HANDS ON Try the Techniques
+DEMO Basic Braids + Chignon + Twist
+HANDS ON Create Braids, Chignon + Twist
+Q&A on the Day's Topics

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 12.21.46 PM.png

Day 5

+DEMO Quick Blow Dry + Style
+HANDS ON Recreate Quick Dry + Style
+Identify Your Weakness + Focus On Strengthening with Practice
+DEMO on model to show how to quickly change between makeup + hair looks on set
+Q&A on the Day's Topics


What Will The Class Cost?
$2500 class fee

50% Deposit Required to Save Spot

50% Remaining due 1 month before class start date

50% Refund for Cancellation
up to 1 month before class start date

No Refund 30 Days Before
Class Start Date

Alumni can attend days of their choice at $200/day.

What's Provided
+Mannequin Head (yours to take home)
+Mannequin Stand (available for purchase)
+Alumni must bring their head from previous workshop

What to Bring?
+Your current hair kit
(Suggested tools will be shared when deposit is made for the class)

+Notebook / Laptop
note taking is strongly encouraged
(no video/audio recording allowed)

Class Schedule
No dates at this time - NYC
please email lindsey@crazypretty.com if interested in a future hands on class

Day 1 - Day 5

9:00am - 12:00pm 
1:00pm - 5:00pm

New York, NY

How Many Attendees?
Up to 10 artists

Fill out the form below if you’re interested in attending Workshop #101. I will follow up with additional details and send a list of items to bring along with suggestions for travel to NYC if you aren’t local. I look forward to hearing from you!

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“I constantly tell students, You don’t know how much you don’t know! I am here to share the technical skills with you and open up a world of opportunity so you can confidently move forward in your career path!”
— Lindsey Williams @crazypretty