crazypretty workshops

My workshops were created with a desire to equip you to be a stronger artist no matter what market you work in. My goal is to help you absorb information at a pace that won’t cause forgetfulness and confusion sparking frustration and mental shut down. Fundamental theory and techniques are essential to all hair dressing and is why I require everyone without a cosmetology license to take the Hair #101 or #103 class. You must understand the basics, unlearn bad habits and immerse yourself in these necessary steps.

My favorite saying is, “You don’t know how much you don’t know” and I hold to that. Comfort level is not an issue, however the artist must come with a desire to learn and jump into the training with an open mind.

Please follow each link below for class details, schedule and rates.


Workshop #101
Hair Theory + Technical Hands On Training

A 5 Day Workshop workshop to help artists already working in the industry to think outside the box. You will walk away with a clear understanding of hair theory and the basics of blow drying along with a few fun and quick styling techniques. All artists are welcome from counter or salon artists, commercial to session stylists, bridal/event artists as well as cosmetology students.


Workshop #102
Advanced Blow Dry, Styling + Updo Techniques

A 4 Day Workshop that builds on the fundamentals taught in the #101 or #103 Workshops. With hands on training you will walk away equipped with a full arsenal of hair styles and tricks for quick hair changes and fun creative styles you can offer to your clients.  Cutting corners and quick cheats to fast styling are a must in the industry so buckle up and get ready to move quick!